Hatchet Journal 1


Chapter 1:

In chapter 1 on page 5 I found a “Words Of Wisdom” Signpost.In chapter 1 on page 5 in paragraph 4,the 40 something year old pilot told Brian how easy flying is if you just keep learning.The life lesson here is that you can do ANYTHING you want to do if you just keep learning.This might change the character by giving Brian confidence and belief that if you put your mind to something you can succeed!

Chapter 2:

In chapter 2 on page 21 I found an “Aha Moment” Signpost.In chapter 2 on page 21 in paragraph 4,Brian had a realization when he realized that he would either have to run out of gas and fall or just stop the engine right there and then.This realization might change things by telling if Brian will die or live it all depends on how he wants to land or fall from the sky.

Chapter 3:

In chapter 3 on page 16 I found an “Again and Again” Signpost.In chapter 3 on page 16 in paragraph 1,the author kept repeating,”Gonna Die…Gonna Die” 4+ times.The author might bring this subject up again and again to explain how frightened and afraid for his life Brian was.

Chapter 4:

In chapter 4 on pages 31-32 I found a “Memory Moment” Signpost.In chapter 4 on pages 31-32 in paragraphs 1-7, Brian remembered how he was riding his bike with his BFF Terry and how he saw his mom with another man in a station wagon that her family did not own.This memory moment might be important to the rest of the story because it might affect how Brian feels about making it out with civilization or dying,alone,in the woods.

Chapter 5:

In chapter 5 on page 46 I found a “Tough Question” Signpost.In chapter 5 on page 46 in paragraph 2,Brian was sitting in the woods,by the lake and he asked himself,”Here I am- and where is that exactly?Where Am I?”This question makes me wonder,if the pilot never had an heart-attack,and died,would any of this stuff be happening right now?!?!

The Epiphany: An Italian Holiday


The Epiphany is celebrated on the sixth of January and it originally symbolized the birth of Jesus. It is still celebrated as that in the Eastern Orthodox Church. However, when the Catholic Church decided to celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December instead, the meaning of the holiday changed, at least for Catholics.

Greek for “miracle,” the word “epiphany” came to be known as a celebration of three important events that took place early in Jesus’ life: the visit to the a newly born Jesus of the Three Wise Kings, or Magi, his baptism by John the Baptist, and the first miracle he performed, at the wedding in Cana.

In Italy, the Epiphany marks the end of the Christmas season: it is, literally, the Twelfth Day of Christmas. As the saying goes “l’Epifania tutte le feste porta via”, which can be rougly translated as “Epiphany takes all the holidays away”.On the sixth of January, children wake up to find presents from the Befana, an ancient Santa Claus-like figure with the appearence of an old, benevolent hag, all trussed up in old clothes and shoes and flying on a broomstick. Her name originally meant “giver of gifts”. Just like Santa Claus, she flies down chimneys to fill stockings with toys and candy.

In some areas of Italy, the Befana leaves toys and candies for good children, and pieces of coal for the naughty ones. Some parents use coal-shaped sweets as a friendly advice for their children, the implied message to them being “next year behave better”. The entire family then ventures out to take part in large, colorful street fairs, where they buy more gifts, usually terracotta statuettes or kitchen ware. In Rome, Piazza Navona hosts a very popular Christmas street market, renowned as a favorite location for Epiphany day shopping in the city.

The Epiphany: An Italian Holiday

italian christmas sang

This picture shows Santa Clause and Befana the Italian Christmas Witch looking at the sang of Italian Christmas.Translated into English it states, “Epiphany takes all the holidays away”.


This picture shows the 3 wise men (kings) admiring the new born baby,Jesus.

befana italian witch

This last picture shows the Italian Witch, Befana flying on her broom on the 6 of January looking for the child of Christ and giving out goods or coal.

About ME!😊👑😊

if its pink
I am Madeline Natalina Smith👑
I have 2 dogs named Princess and Sassy.🐶
I “adopted” a monkey that is now in the local zoo.🐒
I do many types of dance, but at 2 different dance studios💃
I HATE sushi, like always🍱
I LOVE chocolate, like always🍫
I moved to Fort Wayne, IN in 2010 from New York🌎
I have 2 sisters and a 1/2 brother👪
I cannot live without my technology😑
I have the BESTEST friends😋
I LOVE the color pink👛
I have to do my activities like Dance, Hockey, Football, Gymnastics, and Karate🎵🎨
I love the hockey team the Montreal Canadians👍
I love the football team the Steelers🏉
I love the dance subject Jazz🎶
I am a night person🌚
I am a Christian🙏
Pointe is BAE!👌
This Is Me👑

My Older Sister By: Ashlynn Smith

big sis little sis
-my sister is super duper nice to me
-we do activitys together like, play barbies, do things outside, paint eachothers nails, and blow bubles!!!!
-she is kind to me and family members and sometimes she can be a spoled brat!
-she gives people stuff and she helps people around and she does dishes and does her landry
-she has kleens the hole house before when me and Katie where not home she picks up stuff that is not hers
-she does her homework right when she gets home from school
-my oldir sister is amaz-balls
-she in an amazing and asome sister and best budie
-she is sometimes rude butt she is stil my best budie all the time

Immigrants and America, The True Story

Immigrants have been in America for a long time, but have they made a change? The answer is yes. I can explain this answer with one sentence, “Immigrants have changed America, but America has also changed them. “This sentence explains that Immigrants have brought new things to America and America has changed the Immigrants perspective.

Immigrants have brought many new things to America like Burgers, Tacos, and Pizza. When Germans came from Germany, they brought one of the most famous foods in America today; the Hamburger. The Hamburger brought a lot of attention to the Germans, it was like the food of America. Then there was the Mexicans and they brought a crunchy delectable food named the Taco. The Taco started out as the original spicy, crunchy deliciousness it was but then got changed into many different types like Dorito Tacos and The Walking Taco. Then the Italians came and brought a cheesy wondrous called the Pizza. When the Pizza came over it was an original cheese and pepperoni pizza, but now theirs like pretzel crust and different sauces its SOOOOO different.

America has changed the Immigrants perspective on their Heritage by making their restaurants cleaner, their food healthier to ingest, and tweaking the way they eat. America has made Immigrant restaurants cleaner by making a rule that people can look into the kitchen and watch them make the food so that they know that your eating good food. America has made Immigrants food healthier to eat by switching their hamburger meat over to a healthier hamburger meat. The meat used to be made of a mash-up of spoiled meat, fat, and parts of the animal that no one would knowingly eat. America has tweaked the way Immigrants eat by teaching them to eat with silverware, making their food less spicy or NASTY, and making sure that they have a healthy and CLEAN environment to eat in.

In conclusion the quote, “Immigrants have changed America, but America has changed Immigrants.” means that even though The Immigrants brought MANY new things over to America and has changed America, America has also brought some new things to Immigrants and has changed them too.

Should Stores be Able to Spy on You?

Did you know that store owners can track you using in-store wifi,like the store Nordstorm tracked 50 million people in 4k locations,just by using in-store wifi.Well if you ask me that is just unprofessional because they manipulate you with coupons and sales,the stores can go into your information on your phone like contacts and pictures,and they can go past your privacy settings and violate you privacy.

Stores can manipulate you by,putting sales and coupons in you r phone so that they can bring you into their stores and earn more money.Like if you were searching through a stores website for a new pair of shoes,they can look through that and then send you coupons or notify you on a new sale that involves that certain pair of shoes you wanted.

You might not be able to keep your information private because like I said,before if you were looking for let’s say through Hollisters website trying to look for a cute new pair of jeans,American Eagle can look through your search history and know that you wanted that certain pair of jeans. So if you visit American Eagle they can make sure to have that certain pair ready for you.

Its a violation of privacy because while they’re looking through your search history and other things,they can also undo your privacy settings and track wherever you go or look through your contacts and pictures which would be like stalker level if you ask me.Like if they can track you they can tell if you’re by there store or restaurant and put a sale up real fast which is like awkward.

Well on the other hand when they do these things; your shopping experience improves because if you want a new pair of shoes, they’ll probably put a sale up for shoes and send or give you coupons for shoes, plus you can also get more coupons for stores that don’t have sales like restaurants and department stores. Plus you are letting really good stores stay in business because the more coupons and sales they put up the more people that will come and the more money that they’ll get.

Even though there are good parts of stores spying on you, I still think that’s its total stalker level. Plus its unprofessional because they use manipulation like sales and coupons, it doesn’t help keep your information private, and its a TOTAL violation of privacy. So I say that stores should NOT be able to spy on me and others.